5 Core Values That Deliver Measurable Recovery Audit Results for Our Clients

For nearly 20 years, Premier Cost Recovery has served healthcare systems across the country. In fact, we were one of the early firms to focus exclusively on health care recovery audits. We’ve not only developed proprietary data-gathering and analysis techniques to deliver some of the highest recovery rates in the industry, we’ve also developed a recovery audit process that’s shaped by the five core values that drive our company.

We view the AP recovery audit as an important piece of our client’s financial puzzle. Our clients are focused on improving revenue, managing capital, negotiating with vendors, ordering supplies, and paying vendors.


1. Relationships

We know that a strong relationship between our company and yours will foster trust and cooperation as we work through the audit recovery process. Every audit includes one of our managing partners for a direct and personal integration between Premier Cost Recovery and our clients. Our existing clients love working with us because we prioritize relationship building, loyalty, and collaboration. Our team helps recover any overpayments which may occur throughout the financial process with an eye on providing feedback to prevent future overpayments and a philosophy that our team will be back in the future to minimize future overpayment losses.


2. Transparency

We provide our clients access to an online portal to review all the work being done by our team as we work through the recovery audit process. This portal is updated in real time providing even further visibility into our proprietary process of recovering overpayments for our clients.


3. Communication

Our findings are communicated clearly and openly to the relevant stakeholders within each client company. We host conference calls with our clients on a regular schedule to facilitate direct communication between our team and our clients. On every project, the audit manager will provide our clients a weekly snapshot synopsis via email to outline the current project phase and provide a comprehensive overview of the status of the recovery audit work.


4. Integration

Operating seamlessly as unobtrusive extensions of their staff, we offer our clients an unmatched level of customer service while saving valuable employee resources. Our team operates as an extension of our client’s staff by doing the review work most of our clients do not have the time or staffing to accommodate on their own. We start with the accounting data to begin working with vendors to recover overpayments from all areas to the payment cycle. Premier Cost Recovery’s process requires minimal effort from our clients while providing significant overpayment recovery.


5. Integrity

We hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to the examination and investigation of our clients financial data to identify and recover overpayments for our clients. Our team only submits a claim for credit once the vendor validates our findings. This extra validation step minimizes the time involved by our clients and maintains our team’s integrity by writing up a claim for an overpayment that is valid, not previously taken, and acknowledged by the vendor.


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