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Premier Cost Recovery is committed to helping our clients maximize profits and save valuable employee resources through innovative, streamlined, and customized accounts payable recovery audit solutions.

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Serving the healthcare industry since 2004 , our firm provides a hands-on, streamlined, customized and integrated audit solution. Our teams prides itself in offering an unmatched level of customer service while we are working directly with your vendors to recover overpayments that go overlooked on a daily basis. In fact, our clients tell us how refreshingly easy it is to work with us.


We go well beyond a duplicate payment and statement review — analyzing all business processes where overspend may occur, including vendor returns, pricing, rebates and allowances, escheatment and more. Premier Cost Recovery's data analytics result in greater recovery of overpayments. Our expertise also includes best-in-class strategies for improvement through our final report.

A Step Above the Rest

We simplify accounts payable recovery audits with flexible, scalable and streamlined solutions. Premier Cost Recovery provides significant cost savings and back our audit methodology with unmatched, expert support. The results? We consistently double prior audit findings, providing our clients with a roadmap toward achieving long-term cost reduction and continuous improvement.

Premier Cost Recovery MANAGEMENT TEAM

Renz Kuipers, Premier Cost Recovery


Partner & Senior Director Contact Renz: rkuipers@pcraudit.com

Renz is responsible for operations and marketing for Premier Cost Recovery. He joins the team after years in commercial finance and technology ventures in big data. He brings this financial analysis background along with his understanding of using big data to help drive innovation and greater recoveries for clients.

Joel Vaandrager, Premier Cost Recovery


Partner & Director of Operations Contact Joel : jvaandrager@pcraudit.com

Joel is responsible for directing audit operations and development of the company, with a focus on continual improvement of the client audit experience. He is recognized as a thought leader in the field of procurement recovery audits. Joel brings almost 20 years of related expertise to his clients challenges, including insights gained as a project manager at other firms. The programs he has developed and implemented for companies have met with lasting results, as evidenced by his lasting and long term relationships with them.

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