Contract Compliance Auditing

Ensuring that your suppliers are adhering to contracts can be a monumental task. Not only is your organization managing a high volume of contracts, but the complexity of these contracts also seems to grow year over year, regulations demand an increasing amount of documentation, and pricing is prone to slip off contract from time to time without notice. That’s where contract compliance auditing comes in.

Our experts thoroughly review all of your supplier contracts and compare them to paid invoices. This helps to minimize your risk and keep suppliers compliant while maintaining and strengthening relationships with each vendor.

During the Contract Compliance Auditing phase of each AP recovery audit, we:

  • Evaluate contractual payments toward purchase agreements
  • Ensure terms and conditions are being followed so your organization receives the maximum benefits from each contract
  • Conduct an assessment of payment inconsistencies, including a review of rebates, allowances, and incentives
  • Review price changes to ensure they adhere to contractual terms
  • Ensure existing contracts are adhered to; if they aren’t, we assist with vendor negotiations

Navigating the nuances and complexities of contract compliance auditing can be daunting but with over 19 years’ experience solely in the healthcare industry, a large network of industry vendor contacts and the emotional intelligence to help enhance relationships with each of your vendors, we are the right partner for your AP Recovery Audit.

Premier Cost Recovery can help your organization maintain contract terms, implement cost reduction objectives, and eliminate inaccuracies from your future contracts.

contract compliance FAQs

During a contract compliance review, Premier Cost Recovery's auditors confirm that all terms of the contract were honored. These terms include payment discount terms, freight charges, rebates earned, and consistent pricing on all items purchased.

To ensure contract compliance, we need to analyze two sets of data. The first set includes all accounts payable transactions, which we'll use to verify volumes, rebates, discounts, and freight charges. The second set consists of detailed information on invoices and purchase order line items. This data is crucial for our auditors to validate the pricing paid for products.

bring supplier contracts into compliance and improve your financial health

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Unobtrusive Audit

Our team is dedicated to providing personalized, responsive support by working seamlessly with our clients for low-touch, high-impact service that delivers measurable results.

Vendor Relationships

We recognize and respect the relationships you've built with each vendor. That's why we represent your firm in a manner that's consistent with your corporate culture when we work with your suppliers.

Proprietary Process

We go beyond simple statement reviews and harness the power of data analytics and utilize proprietary technologies to deliver some of the highest recovery rates in the industry

Action Plan

Each audit report includes metrics in addition to recommendations to reduce financial leakage and improve the overall efficiency and compliance of your healthcare financial operations

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