hospital sales and use tax audit

A hospital sales and use tax audit is critical in managing comprehensive, complex and ever-changing state tax laws.  With significant purchases of medical supplies, equipment, and services, healthcare systems are frequently under the scrutiny of state tax authorities to ensure compliance with sales and use tax laws. Those complicated tax requirements vary by state and they are frequently changing so keeping up can be time-consuming.

Failing to adhere to state tax requirements can result in significant financial loss and hours of labor spent reconciling accounts.

During the sales and use tax auditing phase of each AP recovery audit, we:

  • Review the non-profit status for each entity to which an invoice was paid and submit documentation of erroneous sales tax charges to applicable suppliers
  • Analyze the taxes paid to vendors and taxing authorities to identify all applicable refund opportunities
  • Confirm that all tax exemptions or tax credits have been claimed
  • Provide sales tax exempt certificate to each applicable supplier
  • Negotiate and recover sales and use tax overpayments

Navigating the extensive and ever-changing tax laws within each state can be daunting but with over 19 years’ experience solely in the healthcare industry and expertise in the extensive and ever-changing sales and use tax laws makes Premier Cost Recovery the right partner for your AP Recovery Audit.

Our Sales Tax Credit case study illustrates just how PCR recovered more than $290K in erroneous sales tax charges for a multi-billion dollar regional healthcare system.

Premier Cost Recovery can help your organization recover over-paid sales and use taxes, simplify the management of complex tax laws and eliminate risk and exposure.

navigate the complexities of sales and use taxes effectively

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We go beyond simple statement reviews and harness the power of data analytics and utilize proprietary technologies to deliver some of the highest recovery rates in the industry

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Each audit report includes metrics in addition to recommendations to reduce financial leakage and improve the overall efficiency and compliance of your healthcare financial operations

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