medical device warranties

Credits from medical device warranties are a vital component of healthcare accounts payable recovery audits, ensuring financial accuracy and efficiency within healthcare systems. These credits represent reimbursements or compensation provided by manufacturers or vendors for defective or malfunctioning medical devices covered under warranty agreements.

Tracking returned and explanted items against vendor reports is a critical aspect of financial management in healthcare systems, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and the maximization of recoverable funds.

Several hospital departments are involved in the explant process including clinical, pathology, supply chain, compliance, finance, billing, and coding. The involvement of multiple departments coupled with stringent vendor return requirements can leave this process vulnerable to errors.

During the medical device warranty credits phase of each healthcare accounts payable recovery audit, we:

  • Review the documentation for each returned or explanted item including information such as the reason for return, date, quantity, and any associated paperwork like invoices or purchase orders
  • Analyze vendor reports detailing the products they have supplied to the healthcare facility, including information on quantities, dates of delivery, and any associated warranties or recalls
  • Verify that returned or explanted items match what was originally supplied by the vendor and cross-referencing warranty or recall information
  • Investigate and reconcile any discrepancies between the healthcare facility’s records and the vendor reports and work directly with each vendor to ensure that warranty credits and recall refunds are properly processed


By effectively managing medical device warranty credits through accounts payable recovery audits and implementing proactive procedures to handle all explant activity, healthcare systems can optimize their financial operations, mitigate losses associated with defective devices, and ensure compliance with warranty agreements. This process helps safeguard financial resources and maintain the quality of patient care delivery.

With over 19 years’ experience solely in the healthcare industry, we understand the nuances and complexities within the industry. Our proprietary accounts payable recovery audit process provides high-impact results with minimal client involvement. In fact, most of our clients spend an average of just 15 minutes per week reviewing recoveries through an easy-to-use, transparent, real-time Claims Management Portal.

track returned & explanted items and recover all medical device warranty credits

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