The Process


PCR is a full service accounts payable audit recovery firm. We do all of the heavy lifting for our clients to ensure a non-intrusive audit experience including identifying, documenting, verifying, and recovering your overpayments. Using our specialized software and our exclusive audit methodology, we deliver the proper combination of technological resources and experienced-based intellectual know-how.


Process Assessment

Our first step is to analyze your current procurement process. We begin by interviewing key individuals in your organization who are involved in the procurement lifecycle. After reviewing and understanding your procedures, we create a detailed audit plan.


Our upfront analysis of your workflow is the key to maximizing recovery and developing long-term recommendations that will improve your future processes.

Data Acquisition

We understand the value of your data. Our team provides a detailed list of predetermined file layouts, and assists in extracting data for auditing proposes.

We’re familiar with all the major AP and purchasing systems, and we tailor each audit based on specific client needs. This allows us to create customized programs that minimize IT staff time and involvement.

Claims Administration

We understand your industry. This enables us to seamlessly join your teams and function with minimal disturbance to daily operations. We handle the entire claims administration process to ensure you receive the maximum recovery.

We also understand the importance of clear, concise and professional supplier/vendor communications. Our audit process helps ensure current and non-current suppliers have met their contractual responsibilities while maintaining efficient business practices.

Comprehensive Report

At the conclusion of each audit, we provide a detailed report of our findings. The report identifies the work we completed and the number of transactions and dollars reviewed. Each discrepancy type is fully documented by root cause and includes actionable recommendations for correction.

We also provide valuable web-based expenditure reporting that promotes long-term cost reduction, evaluates supplier terms, provides performance metrics, and presents the opportunity for continuous improvement.

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